Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy: A Guide to Life with a Belly

Brass, outspoken and witty, “Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy” dishes out
practical advice and pee-in-your-pants fun like no one yet. Join this
pregnant mom of two as she journeys yet again through the rough and
tumble life of a pregger. Boldly proclaiming taboo truths on those
touchy subjects that books gloss over and doctors ‘forget’ to mention,
this guide lets empathy roll in as the naked bum of truth is bared.

From gassy bellies to sprouting hairs in unmentionable places, “Taboo
Secrets of Pregnancy” spells it out in no uncertain terms, and actually
provides realistic guidance on what the blazes to do about it.

Say goodbye to fragile advice and get ready to hear it like it is.
Toughen up your delicate senses, girly! You’re about to take a break
from the technical tomes, and dive in for an adventure in gestating!

List Price: $2.99

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