The Joy of Pregnancy: The Complete, Candid, and Reassuring Companion for Parents-to-Be

Are you expecting… mystery, sensuality, wonder, and delight? If you are pregnant, you should be! Pregnancy isn’t all about nausea and medical tests; it’s also a time of excitement, anticipation, and above all, joy. You don t need to adopt a strict diet, adhere to a demanding exercise regimen, or spend your time worrying about planning the perfect birth. Rather, you can trust your instincts and your body to guide you through the amazing, magical process of pregnancy and childbirth. That’s the wise, expert counsel of Tori Kropp, perinatal nurse and founder of both a popular childbirth-education program and a website for new parents. In The Joy of Pregnancy, Tori tells you what you need to know how the baby is developing, how your body is changing, and how to prepare for the birth and baby without overwhelming you. She has organized the book month by month, so you can learn at your leisure as you progress through pregnancy. Also included are Q&As, fun facts, and sections just for Dad. With Tori’s help, both of you can enjoy and celebrate this very special season of your lives.

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