Pregnancy: Is Home Birth For You?

With many women endorsing the wonderful benefits of home birth, many pregnant women are wondering if this option is right for them. Contrary to popular belief, home birth is not a new thing. In fact according to researchers, 90% of the people living today were born in their homes.  Hospital birth did not start until the 1920’s due to an increase in the number of physicians and automobiles
Most women opt for a home birth because they are familiar with the environment. Many also like the fact that family and friends can be present during the home birth. There are also many women who cannot put up with the impersonal treatment of hospital staff during the birth.

There are also women who advocate home birth because they want the experience to be as natural as possible. During a home birth there are no drugs used to speed up the delivery. Also no doctors are present during the delivery; usually a registered mid-wife is present during the home birth.

Women who have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or if you expect your baby to be born with a certain condition then a home birth is not advisable. Women who have also experienced a complicated home birth before are likewise advised to give birth in a hospital instead.

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