Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period?

pregnancyThis question has been asked so many times with many different answers. Many women think that you cannot get pregnant during your period. While this is true for many women, scientists have found out that it is still possible to get pregnant when having intercourse during the menstrual cycle. Here are some of the factors that can affect pregnancy while having sex during the menstrual cycle.

Sperm’s Lifespan

The normal lifespan of a sperm is 5-7 days. This means that you could get pregnant when having unprotected sex during the late stages of your menstrual period since sperm can still be alive at the end of your period. So even if you are menstruating, there is a chance that some sperm will survive and fertilize an egg should you ovulate early.

Ovulation Spotting

Ovulation spotting occurs between menstrual periods. Some women have experienced bleeding and this could lead them to believe that they are already having their period. If you are having ovulation spotting and have unprotected sex there is a chance that an egg could get fertilized. Therefore you really need to know if you are having your period or if it is just ovulation spotting.

Menstrual Period

Generally menstruation occurs every 28 days for 5-7 days. However this is just an average. Not all women menstruate every 28 days. To find out if you are at risk of pregnancy it’s better to know your average menstrual cycle. Some women’s period can last up to 10 days so ovulation might already occur even if you are menstruating and having sex during this period can result in a pregnancy.

Scientific evidence shows that there is a chance of getting pregnant. Before engaging in unprotected sex during your period, consider the following factors stated above. However if you want to engage in sex during your period, it is better and safer to use protection.

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