Prevent Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy!

Each and every woman knows what a stretch mark is. Whether during puberty or pregnancy, stretch marks creep up onto our skin like “dings” in our car’s paint. But, unfortunately, we can’t easily bring ourselves to a body shop to get a touch-up. That’s why preventing stretch marks in the first place is so important because getting rid of them can be difficult and time consuming.

Who wants to be stuck with the time and effort of trying to erase pregnancy stretch marks? Why live with them when you have the ability to know when it is you will be able to prevent them? Each woman gains wait at various times in their life. During pregnancy, the quick weight gain and stretching of skin around the mid-section and legs, causes skin to over compensate and therefore scar. But, if you knew how to prevent from happening, wouldn’t you?

keywordThe simple way to prevent pregnancy stretch marks is to take care of the skin in the areas being affected. Although weight gain during pregnancy is normal and, frankly, a healthy requirement, it is not necessary to see unsightly stretch marks appear. Fast weight gain will cause larger, deeper, and darker stretch marks. Keeping track of overall weight gain with a healthy diet and doctor approved exercise, will aid in stretch marks from appearing. Of course, only part of weight gain can be monitored or prevented by you because the baby will be growing as well.

Properly hydrating and caring for your skin is so important. During pregnancy, your body’s chemicals are out of whack. Your skin becomes more sensitive with everything. You feel itchy all of the time and can’t seem to get relief. A great way to avoid itching and scratching, along with helping prevent stretch marks is to use a hydrating body cream. Look for ingredients such as shea butter, aloe, vitamin E, and cocoa butter. Use after showering and before bed for best results on a daily basis. The more care put into your skin, the better your skin will be.

Being healthy for yourself and your baby is the most important task to take care of. But, of course, we all want beautiful skin. Stretch marks during pregnancy are a given, but can be prevented. Beautiful skin all over your body is possible. Prevent stretch marks by pampering yourself more during pregnancy. Take care of yourself and your skin well while you’re pregnant. It may be the last time in a long while that you get to indulge in time and care just for yourself.

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