Pregnancy Diet – The Importance Of A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are notorious for their voracious appetite.  Not only do they crave massive amounts of food, they have a penchant for mixing different kinds of food.  There’s the weird craving for pancakes with ketchup, pickles with vanilla ice cream, exotic fruits like Durian and green mangoes and tons of junk food.  While it is normal to “eat for two” consuming excessive amounts of sweets and junk food during pregnancy can be bad not only for the mom’s health but for the baby as well.  This is why following a healthy pregnancy diet can mean a healthier mom and baby.

Despite the weird food cravings, remember that it is the mother’s responsibility to eat healthy for the baby.  Dieting during a pregnancy is not eating lesser quantity of foods like one typically does when losing weight.  Dieting during a pregnancy means choosing a balanced and healthy food group to ensure proper nutrition for the developing baby.

One thing to remember while pregnant is balance.  Weird food cravings are normal.  This is due to more hormones in the body.  If you want some pickles with your ice cream, do so.  However, don’t overdo it.  Pickles are rich in Vitamin A and Iron which the baby needs but it is also full of salt which can contribute to water retention and bloating.  Ice cream is made of milk therefore rich in calcium which is good for the baby.  But ice cream is also full of sugar which is bad as it can contribute to gestational diabetes.  If you want to indulge, do so but remember that balance is the key during a pregnancy diet.

During the early months of a pregnancy, most women experience nausea or morning sickness.  This usually makes it hard for the mother to hold down food and appetite is usually non existent especially in the morning.  If the sight of a specific food makes you sick, experiment and try other foods.  Remember that you are eating for your baby too.  Morning sickness usually goes away after the first trimester, so your appetite should be back after this.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday.  The vitamins and minerals mothers need while pregnant can be found in fruits and vegetables.  Eat lots of protein too.  Protein is important for your baby’s muscular and bone development while inside the womb.  It is absolutely necessary to include protein during a pregnancy diet for mom and baby to have ample supply while pregnant.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water during your pregnancy.  If you are dehydrated, energy output can decrease by as much as 30% and when your body is supplying power for two individuals that 30% can be a huge amount.  Dehydration is also one of the causes of pre-term labor.

There’s a right way to eat for two while pregnant.  Some women make the excuse of being pregnant to “eat like a pregnant woman”.  Don’t forget that there’s a healthy way of eating for two, so stick to a balanced and healthy pregnancy diet for a safer and healthier pregnancy!

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