Simple Pregnancy Tips To Prepare Your Body For A Baby

Did you know that infertility in both men and women are becoming more common today?  Aside from age factors, women and men find it hard to get pregnant due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors.  If you want to prepare your body for a pregnancy, here are some simple pregnancy tips to make sure your body is baby friendly even before you conceive.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle does not mean just eating healthy food and a balanced diet.  It means getting ample rest and staying off harmful substances like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.  In males, smoking can decrease sperm count significantly.  Studies show that males who give up smoking increase their sperm count by as much as 80% during the first few months of quitting!  Drugs and alcohol can screw up not only hormones inside the body but can have lingering effects on major organs especially with long term use.
  2. Eat healthy, don’t skip meals especially breakfast.  Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein to make your body baby friendly.  Eat meals regularly and eat breakfast everyday.  Eating three balanced meals everyday tunes up the body and regularizes the digestive rhythm.  Breakfast should consist of more than just coffee and toast.  Throw in some meats, cereal and fruit as well.
  3. Exercise to keep your body fit.  A pregnancy can drain a woman of her stamina and energy especially during the first few months.  As the body adjusts to providing energy for two, exercise can actually help the body power up as it releases adrenalin and endorphins.  Exercising before getting pregnant increases stamina and endurance so you won’t get tired easily when you are pregnant already.
  4. Drink lots of water.  Water should be the drink of choice regardless of baby status.  A dehydrated person usually feels weak as the water loss saps and drains energy.  Keep yourself hydrated all the time.  During pregnancy, constipation is quite common especially as towards the end as the baby’s weight presses on the intestines.  Water will keep pregnant women from being constipated.
  5. Lose or gain weight.  This pregnancy tip is sometimes overlooked.  Overweight as well as underweight people find it hard to get pregnant because of hormonal imbalance.  If you are a woman, hormonal imbalance contributes to irregular periods making it hard to pinpoint a possible ovulation date.  For males, this can mean lower sperm count.  Consult your doctor to know your optimum weight and gain or lose pounds to regulate hormones.
  6. Avoid or minimize stress wherever and whenever you can.  Stress is a great deterrent to conception.  A physically healthy but stressed person can find it hard to conceive.  Find relaxing ways of de-stressing such as taking walks, exercising and even meditating.
  7. Sleep 8 hours a day everyday.  Having a healthy bedtime habit is essential to a healthy body.  Sleep is the body’s way of rebooting the brain.  A tired brain means a tired body.  And since the brain is responsible for controlling organs, hormones and signals, a tired brain can misfire and cause miscommunication between the organs making it hard to get pregnant.  Sleep at the same time every night to keep your body and mind in synch.

Our pregnancy tips are pretty basic.  The gist of it is to be healthy even before a pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy.  Remember that healthy parents mean healthy babies!

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