What To Expect During Your Pregnancy Week By Week

Expectant mothers are excited during the first few months of pregnancy.  This is when the greatest developments take place not only in the mother’s physical body but also for her child within.  Here are some of the most exciting changes outside and inside a mother’s womb during her pregnancy week by week.

Week 4: is when you realize you are pregnant.  Most women will have their first bouts with morning sickness during this time.  Inside the womb, the amniotic sac and cavity will begin to develop.  The placenta is beginning to grow as well.

Week 5: your baby’s brain and spinal cord will begin to develop.  Although they are still rudimentary, this forerunner of the brain will help develop the other organs such as the lung, digestive track, reproductive organs and the heart.

Week 6: Some mothers will feel tenderness in the breasts at around this time.  Most women also complain about feeling tired.  This is because the body is getting used to functioning for two people: the mother and the baby.  Inside, baby’s heart will begin to beat.  He will also start forming his eyes, arm buds and intestines.

Week 7: Baby will double in size during this age.  The lenses of his eyes are already developing and he will already have his tongue.  His arm buds have now become paddles and his jaws will become visible.

Week 8: The cerebellum which is responsible for muscle movement will begin to develop inside his brain.  His elbows and legs are developing as well as his retina.  At this age, your baby’s eye pigment is now appearing in his retina.

Week 9: you will be able to tell whether you are having a boy or a girl at this stage.  Your baby’s heart will have 4 chambers and is now busy pumping blood to his little body.  Muscles and the nervous system will begin communicating and your baby is now kicking and swimming inside his warm little sac.

Week 10: this is when your baby will start looking like a baby.  Your baby will have developed his upper lips.  Toes and fingers begin to form and his taste buds will begin to develop.

Week 11: Mom’s morning sickness will start to wear off at around this time.  Although most women still don’t have the baby bump yet, inside your baby’s muscle structure is developing.

Week 12:  Baby will now have his finger nails and toe nails.  The brain as well as the pancreas and gall bladder will be fully developed.

Week 13: During this stage of the pregnancy week by week development, vocal chords will begin to develop and your baby’s chest will begin to rise and fall preparing for the same movement outside the womb.

Week 14: Baby will now practice to suck and swallow inside your womb.  He will also begin to open and close his hands.

Week 15: Your baby will start to be active during this stage of the pregnancy.  He can now turn his head, open and close his mouth and kick!

Week 16:  At 16 weeks, mom will have a proud baby bump!  Inside, the neck is beginning to straighten and the head is steadily growing larger.

Week 17:  Baby is really starting to grow.  At this stage, he will have increased his weight by 6 times.  He is busy working on his reflexes like blinking, swallowing, sucking and breathing.

Week 18: During this week, your baby will begin developing his finger prints.   Baby’s eyes and ears will now be in their correct places.

Week 19: Vernix coseosa a creamy substance that protects your baby’s developing glands and sensory organs will begin to cover your baby’s body.  If you are having a girl, her egg cells will begin to develop in her ovaries.

Week 20: At this stage, all the major developments have taken place.  The baby inside your womb will be waking, sleeping and playing like most normal babies outside the womb do.    Scalp and hair begin to develop during this stage.

Week 21: During this phase, you will be able to hear your baby’s heart beat through a stethoscope.  Baby is becoming more active and muscles and bones are now stronger.

Week 22:  Your baby now has hair!  His hair on the head as well as his eyebrows will now be visible.  If the baby is a boy, then his testes will begin to move from the pelvic area to the scrotum.

Week23:  Your baby’s sense of hearing is now almost done developing.  Soon he will be able to hear and in some studies recognize your voice.

Week 24: You won’t need a stethoscope to hear your baby’s heart beat.  In most cases, you will be able to hear the heart beat by placing your ear on the mother’s stomach.

Week 25: Capillaries will start to develop and your baby is now reddish pink.    Your baby’s nostrils will also begin to open.

Week 26: With the nostrils open, your baby will start muscular breathing.  His lungs will begin to secrete surfactant, a substance that prevents the lung tissues from sticking together.  Blood vessels will begin to form inside the lungs and the development of the air sacs will begin.  The brain will start gearing up for visual as well as auditory activity.

Week 27:  Your baby will increasingly start to become more and more active at this stage of his development.  It’s not uncommon to feel 10 kicks per hour from your baby.

Week 28: At this phase, your baby’s chance of surviving a premature birth has improved greatly.  He is also now capable of opening his eyes and breathing in air.

Week 29:  Your baby will now have his eyelashes and will be able to move his eyes inside their sockets, though they are still unable to focus.

Week 30: Baby will now begin to store up some of the nutrients he has taken from your body.  He will stock up on calcium for bone growth, protein for muscular development and iron for blood.  Laguno or the small hairs surrounding his body will be nearly gone except for small patches in his back and shoulders.

Week 31: Though growth and development will begin to slow down, your baby’s internal organs will continue maturing, so make sure you get enough folic acid, iron and calcium

Week 32: Mom will be pretty heavy with baby at this stage.  Frequent trips to the bathroom, sore feet and back are common complaints at this stage.  Inside, baby’s irises are now able to respond to sight and all 5 senses are developed although the sense of smell is limited because baby can’t breathe inside the uterus.

Week 33: Baby is now able to suck his fingers.  Most moms feel constipated at this stage since the baby’s size will now be putting pressure on mom’s bowels.

Week 34: At this stage, the baby is preparing for birth and is now developing his immune system.  Eye pigment is not yet fully developed so baby’s eyes will look blue regardless of final eye color.

Week 35: In most cases, your baby will now shift his head to the pelvis, although not all babies do this.

Week 36: Your baby will now begin to develop dimples on his skin due to the continuous deposit of fat which he will need for insulation outside the womb.

Week 37: At this stage, be wary of signs of labor.  Around 85% of pregnant women give birth 2 weeks before their due date.  Start packing your hospital bag at this point.

Week 38: Meconium or the dark green substance that is a mass of waste from the pancreas, liver and gall bladder are now accumulating in the intestines.

Week 39:  Most women feel clumsy during this stage as the baby is now settling in the uterus.  You may feel off balance as your center of gravity shifts.

Week 40:  Be prepared to welcome your new baby if you have not given birth yet.  At this point it is now a waiting game for the mom.  Inside, development has slowed down and your baby is now getting ready to leave the uterus.

Now that you know what to expect during your pregnancy week by week, you are now armed with the know how of preparing your body for 40 weeks of pregnancy!

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