Weight Gain During Pregnancy – How Much Is Too Much?

One of the downside of getting pregnant is the weight gain.  While some women regain their figures easily, some of us have to work hard in order to fit into our old clothes months after giving birth.  But weight gain is not all that bad.  In fact, it is an essential part of pregnancy.  But women need to know how much weight gain during pregnancy is alright and when it is too much.

Pregnant women are notorious for their crazy food cravings.  Some find pregnancy as the convenient excuse to pig out on all the food “no-no’s” before pregnancy.  They call this “eating for two” and gorge themselves on chocolate, junk food and sweets.  This is probably how the term “eating like a pregnant woman” came to be.

It is perfectly normal to gain weight during pregnancy.  Most obstetricians say that a two pound weight gain is ideal every month a woman is pregnant.  This ensures that the baby inside is getting ample supplies of vitamins and minerals he needs in order to grow healthy and strong even while inside the womb.  In fact some underweight women are even required to gain more weight in order to properly sustain their babies during gestation.

But overeating can be bad for both the mom and the baby.  Women who gain too much weight while pregnant will usually have babies larger for their gestational age.  This makes it hard for mothers to have a normal delivery and a cesarean section will be needed.  Other birthing complications an also occur for women with severe weight gain during pregnancy.

Becoming “overweight” during a pregnancy can be avoided easily.  Weird food cravings aside, eating a healthy and balanced diet throughout the pregnancy can do wonders for keeping your weight in check.  While food cravings are the norm, be sure not to overindulge.  If you get a craving for some chocolate chip cookies with a side of mustard, eat some but not the whole box!  Eat just enough to satisfy and control your craving.  Once you’ve eaten a cookie or two, stop.  Management and control is the key if you want to satisfy your food cravings and keep weight gain the minimum.

Morning sickness is quite common during the first few months of pregnancy, so early on get a list of healthy foods that you should eat while pregnant.  If one kind of food makes you nauseous, find the next one you like and see if you can keep it down.  Eating healthy from the start can train you to eat healthy foods from the start.

Avoid fast foods as much as you can.  Fast food contains large amounts of salt and preservatives.  Salt can contribute to bloating and water retention.  Preservatives can contain harmful ingredients which can deter baby’s development.  So if you get a craving for some burger and fries, ask hubby to make you some from scratch instead of visiting the nearest McDonald’s.

Exercise even while pregnant.  Swimming comes highly recommended for pregnant women.  This is something pregnant women can do even during the late third trimester.  Swimming can help with breathing exercises as well as keep weight gain during pregnancy to a minimum by burning off the excess fat.

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