Healthy Pregnancy Diet and Exercise: Eating and Movement Tips

Did you know that how you take care of yourself during pregnancy will almost always determine how easy labor and delivery of your baby is? Of course, there are other circumstances that can arise, but, for the most part, how your body reacts during and after labor can be in your own hands. I’m not talking simply about learning how to breathe or getting to know your anesthesiologist on a first name basis. You can have a healthy pregnancy and therefore easier birth by how your diet and exercise is controlled during that time.

Your pregnancy is one of the most important times to really pay attention to your diet. Healthy eating and exercise during pregnancy is simple to do. Follow your doctor’s suggestions and always take your vitamins. This is one of the easiest rules to follow and you and your baby’s health will rely heavily on it. If your prenatal vitamins make you nauseas, try taking them at night. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Although your bladder feels full from the constant pressure of Junior and his right hook, constant hydration is necessary. If you need more motivation, think about how hydration will help with stretch marks and constipation; both of which are a huge problem with pregnancy.

However, a well balanced diet isn’t the only thing that is going to keep you healthy. During pregnancy, there are doctor approved stretches and exercises that will help your body adjust to the weight gain. Not only will these exercises aid you in a healthy weight, your body will be able to cope better during labor, not getting tired as quickly during delivery, and recover more quickly afterwards. During your pregnancy, walking, stretching and relaxation techniques will help keep your emotions even and your body flexible. During labor, delivery, recovery, and at home, your body is going to need these ongoing physical and mental stimulations to help you cope.

keywordLosing the weight after pregnancy will also be a challenge. With the proper balanced diet and continued exercising, you will be back to your ideal weight more quickly, have more energy and stamina, and heal faster than if you did not exercise. You will need to start off slowly as your pregnancy has softened the ligaments in your body so you could carry your baby as it grew. It takes a few weeks for everything to heal properly and you to be able to get into a routine that is slightly higher than the simple walk to the crib or changing table.

Pregnancy is an occasion for change and growth; both mentally and physically. You will be spending a lot of time learning about what your body can do. While you are working on keeping yourself healthy, make sure that you pay attention to your own needs; body and mind. The delivery of your baby is something you will always remember. If you are able to focus on healthy habits during your pregnancy, you may be able to focus more on the joyous event of your child being brought into the world.

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