Easy Pregnancy Exercises

Staying healthy during pregnancy is important. Not only will exercise help with the labor, it can also promote your health. Here are easy ways to exercise during your pregnancy.

  • Yoga

Yoga is great during pregnancy because it can help with your breathing. Yoga is also usually low impact so it’s great for pregnant women. Yoga can also help stretch muscles and joints gently.

  • Walking

Walking is one of the staple exercises during pregnancy. Again it is low impact so it’s not a big deal for women who suffer from swollen ankles during pregnancy. There is no special gear or equipment needed so anybody, especially pregnant women can do this. Walking is good exercise for pregnant women because it will help keep them active. It keeps the heart beating and blood circulating.

  • Swimming

This is great for women with swollen ankles and those at the late stage of their pregnancy. As women get heavier during the last trimester, walking might be too much of an effort. This is why swimming is a great alternative during this late stage. Water will help the body be buoyant and so it won’t put a strain on the ankles or on the back. Swimming is also good for the breathing and is very low impact.

  • Household chores

Who said cleaning the house is not a form of exercise. Vacuuming, dusting, changing the sheets and other household chores can burn up to 120 calories per hour. This is great for pregnant women because there always seems to be chores to be done around the house. However when doing household chores pregnant women should refrain from over exerting themselves as chores like changing sheets or curtain can be very tiresome.

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