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How Real Moms Lose The Post Pregnancy Weight

pregnancyKate Middleton is down to her normal size just months after giving birth. Many moms are asking if this is normal while others are asking how long it usually takes to slim down again. Women, pregnant or not lose weight at different speeds. Many younger moms bounce back faster compared to those in their 40’s. Active moms also fare better too. So if you want to step up the weight loss a bit, here are some ways real moms lost those stubborn post pregnancy pounds.

  • Use The Stairs

New mother Melissa from New York lost 25 pounds in 4 months by using the stairs. Just after her daughter was born she kept the diaper genie outside her room. This forced her to walk a few steps back and forth when changing her daughter. Once her body healed she moved the genie downstairs forcing her to go up and down during changes and added to the calories she burned all day.

  • Take Daily Walks

Nicole from Boston was able to lose 35 pounds in 18 months by going on daily walks with her twins. Once a day, weather permitting she would bundle up her babies and put them in their strollers and took walks around their neighborhood. This gave the babies a change and scenery while mom was able to walk off some of her pounds. This is a good slow way of shedding and keeping off the weight.

  • Always Remember To Diet

Dieting is not just about eating healthy foods but also about portion control. Deanna was able to lose 40 pounds in 12 months by watching how much she ate. She also breastfed her son so this added to the calories she burned every day. Aside from this she avoided sweets and soda while breastfeeding.

  • Avoid Temptation

Lenna from Ohio was able to lose 35 pounds in 8 months by throwing away all her soda, junk food and sweets away. It’s easy fend off dieting by keeping unhealthy food around, so the easiest solution would be to throw all temptation away. She also skipped grocery aisles that contained her temptation food while grocery shopping. This way she would not be tempted even while shopping.

  • Set Goals

Steph from Detroit gained a massive 80 pounds while pregnant with her son. After giving birth she set a goal of not only losing the 80 pounds but also to compete for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Setting goals will inspire you and remind you not to give up.

The Dangers of Teen Pregnancy

pregnancyTeenage pregnancy in the US is actually quite high. According to statistics the number of pregnancies in girls ages 15-19 was 67.8% per 1000 in 2008. Aaccording to the CDC teen pregnancy in the States is 9 times higher compared to other developed nations even though teen pregnancies are currently in decline. Many teenagers are aware of the risks of premarital sex. What they do not know however is that teenage pregnancies can have an effect on both the mother and child. Here are some of the dangers of teen pregnancies.

  • High Blood Pressure

Pregnancy induced hypertension is quite common in teenagers. The rate is quite higher compared to pregnant women who are in their 20’s or 30’s. Aside from high blood pressure they are also at risk of preeclampsia. Pregnant teens with high blood pressure can affect the baby’s growth and complications in the pregnancy which could lead to a premature birth.

  • STD

Many teenagers who are sexually active do not use any form of birth control, this puts them at high risk of STD or sexually transmitted diseases. STD like Chlamydia and HIV are very dangerous and can have serious effects on the unborn baby. Using a condom during intercourse while pregnant can help protect the baby.

  • Premature Birth

A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks. A baby born before that is termed as a premature baby or preemie baby. The earlier the birth the more risk there is to the respiratory system. The baby is also at risk for vision and cognitive related problems.

  • Post Partum Depression

Pregnant teenagers are at higher risk for post partum depression compared to women of other age groups. According to the CDC girls who start to feel sad even while pregnant should start seeking professional help. Post partum depression can interfere with taking care of the newborn.

  • Low Birth Weight

Pregnant teens can also give birth to babies who have low birth weight. Low birth rate is 3.3 to 5.5 pounds. Small babies need neonatal care and might need the help of a respirator.

Weight Loss And Breastfeeding

pregnancyMoms typically gain weight during pregnancy. This is because the body will automatically store fat which can be converted as energy after the baby is born. Many mothers experience weight loss during breastfeeding. This is because the body will convert the stored fat into energy so that the body can provide milk that the baby will nurse on. This is one of the reasons why breastfeeding is not only beneficial to babies but to mothers too. Breastfeeding, proper diet and exercise can aid in post pregnancy weight loss.

Breastfeeding makes it easier for mothers to lose weight because the body is burning extra calories to nurse the baby. According to research women who breastfeed exclusively for 3 months find it easier to lose weight compared to those who do not. Additionally, women who continue to breastfeed lose more weight in the process.

In order to lose weight effectively post pregnancy, it is important to go on a diet and exercise too. Some women gain 50-70 pounds after giving birth and find it harder to shed the weight compared to those who gained only minimal weight. Exercising and dieting while breastfeeding will speed up the weight loss process. It is also important to take note that foods consumed during this period should be healthy and nutritious. Stay away from empty calorie foods such as junk food, processed food, sweets, salty treats and soda. Alcohol is a source of empty calories and should be avoided especially during the breastfeeding months.

For mothers who are losing weight too fast, it is important to eat more. Breastfeeding and looking after an infant require lots of energy. It is important that energy stores not be depleted during this time period. So eat more calories per day. For women who are still losing weight too quickly, consult your physician.



How Celebrities Lose Pregnancy Weight

pregnancyCelebrities are people too so they should gain and lose weight the same as the rest of us. It can be shocking to see a pregnant celeb one day and then hear that they’ve given birth the next day and then see them on the cover of a magazine the next week looking as if they’ve never gotten pregnant in the first place. This kind of “phenomenon” makes us normal women wonder how they do it in the first place. Here are some celebrity post pregnancy weight loss secrets.

  • Shakira

The Voice judge Shakira said that her secret to fast post pregnancy weight loss is to exercise during pregnancy. According to her Zumba has been very great for her weight loss management plan. She started Zumba before getting pregnant and kept at it while pregnant and kept going after she gave birth.

  • Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher’s secret weapon is a personal trainer. She only had 3 months to shed the weight she gained after carrying Baby Olive. Director Jerry Bruckheimer hired a personal trainer for Isla to help her train three times a week. She said, That was both inspirational and terrifying because I didn’t want to let the trainer down.”

  • Beyonce

There’s no doubt that our girl Beyonce is looking good these days. Here secret to weight loss after pregnancy is to cut back on calories. Blue Ivy’s mom was back to her performing weight months after giving birth. According to her she worked hard, kept going on the treadmill and counted calories to get back in shape.

  • Halle Berry

The recently married Halle Berry says that workout needs to be varied in order to lose weight fast. Trainer Ramona Braganza took a varied approach to help the Oscar winner lose weight. They started out with cardio and stretching and then switched to hiking, jogging, yoga and kick boxing to vary workouts and to keep from getting bored.

Best Exercise For Pregnant Women

pregnancyIt is important to stay in shape when pregnant. Exercise can help regulate insulin levels, blood pressure and keep weight gain in check.Exercising while pregnant is also said to make labor easier on the mother. In fact, women who exercise are less prone to preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

For pregnant women, exercise needs to be low impact especially as the baby gets bigger. Here are the best low impact exercises for pregnant women.

•    Yoga

Yoga is very popular among pregnant women. In fact there are classes especially designed for pregnant women. Women who are having a hard time finding a pregnant specific yoga class can still participate in a regular class. All they have to do is to modify the poses a bit. Yoga is very relaxing and the breathing techniques used can help women later during labor.

•    Swimming

Swimming is ideal especially during the late months of pregnancy. The water will keep pregnant women buoyant and make movement easier. An alternative to swimming is water aerobics. The water will make movement easier and cushion the joints.

•    Pilates

Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening. It is also low-impact which makes it ideal for pregnant women. Just like yoga, there are pregnant specific pilates classes pregnant women can enroll in.

•    Tai Chi

Tai Chi is very relaxing and its slow deliberate movements ideal for pregnant women. Women in all trimesters can do tai chi easily. Tai Chi is a very relaxing and gentle exercise. It can help pregnant women mediate and relieve stress.