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Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

We are bombarded every day by weight loss and diet information. Everywhere you turn; magazines, TV commercials, radio ads, in-store displays, etc. being skinny is considered ideal. How often is reaching a smaller size associated with being healthy? Unfortunately, most women are reminded of weight much too often. Pregnancy is a time to let go of the hype and myths of being a certain size and simply be healthy.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is something that every healthy woman does. There are several factors that add up to the total weight of a pregnancy; increased eating is only one very small part, and doesn’t always have to be. Your body is holding on to and is also filling with a lot of fluids to keep your own and baby’s bodies healthy. Your baby’s body is also part of your weight gains. Therefore, if you are gaining up to 25-30 pounds by the end of your pregnancy, you are in the normal range.

keywordOn the flip side of weight gain, during pregnancy, we think of ourselves as “eating for two”. Those cravings of ice cream hot fudge sundaes with triple brownie and whipped cream toppings don’t have to come in a 5-gallon bucket. You don’t have to eat double orders of onion rings with your quarter-pound super cheesy burger and extra large super size milk shake. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy is not good for you, your baby, or the overall health of you both. Keeping food portions within reason and making sure that you don’t indulge every craving all of the time is important for blood pressure, gestational diabetes (which can cause heart and delivery problems for you and the baby as well), and other health related maladies.

Of course, diet is only one part of the best way to keep gaining a healthy weight. Your doctor can recommend the best way to exercise with specialized movements and stretches just for pregnant women. When you keep moving, your muscles will stay strong and will be able to get through laboring more easily. Also, when you keep a strong body during pregnancy and a healthy weight, your recovery after delivering your baby is much faster. Who doesn’t want to be back in their favorite jeans just a few weeks earlier? Exercising properly is one way to keep your weight gain under control.

Healthy weight gain during pregnancy is one key to making sure your labor and delivery, recover, and baby’s health are taken care of as well. If you are able to eat a balanced diet with the proper nutrition and participate in a doctor approved exercise program; you will find that your weight will be more under control than if you followed every craving and relaxed all of the time. Keep moving, eat well, and see your doctor for changes in weight. You will soon see that some of the changes in your body may be new to you, but they are quite normal during pregnancy.

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Healthy Pregnancy Diet and Exercise: Eating and Movement Tips

Did you know that how you take care of yourself during pregnancy will almost always determine how easy labor and delivery of your baby is? Of course, there are other circumstances that can arise, but, for the most part, how your body reacts during and after labor can be in your own hands. I’m not talking simply about learning how to breathe or getting to know your anesthesiologist on a first name basis. You can have a healthy pregnancy and therefore easier birth by how your diet and exercise is controlled during that time.

Your pregnancy is one of the most important times to really pay attention to your diet. Healthy eating and exercise during pregnancy is simple to do. Follow your doctor’s suggestions and always take your vitamins. This is one of the easiest rules to follow and you and your baby’s health will rely heavily on it. If your prenatal vitamins make you nauseas, try taking them at night. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Although your bladder feels full from the constant pressure of Junior and his right hook, constant hydration is necessary. If you need more motivation, think about how hydration will help with stretch marks and constipation; both of which are a huge problem with pregnancy.

However, a well balanced diet isn’t the only thing that is going to keep you healthy. During pregnancy, there are doctor approved stretches and exercises that will help your body adjust to the weight gain. Not only will these exercises aid you in a healthy weight, your body will be able to cope better during labor, not getting tired as quickly during delivery, and recover more quickly afterwards. During your pregnancy, walking, stretching and relaxation techniques will help keep your emotions even and your body flexible. During labor, delivery, recovery, and at home, your body is going to need these ongoing physical and mental stimulations to help you cope.

keywordLosing the weight after pregnancy will also be a challenge. With the proper balanced diet and continued exercising, you will be back to your ideal weight more quickly, have more energy and stamina, and heal faster than if you did not exercise. You will need to start off slowly as your pregnancy has softened the ligaments in your body so you could carry your baby as it grew. It takes a few weeks for everything to heal properly and you to be able to get into a routine that is slightly higher than the simple walk to the crib or changing table.

Pregnancy is an occasion for change and growth; both mentally and physically. You will be spending a lot of time learning about what your body can do. While you are working on keeping yourself healthy, make sure that you pay attention to your own needs; body and mind. The delivery of your baby is something you will always remember. If you are able to focus on healthy habits during your pregnancy, you may be able to focus more on the joyous event of your child being brought into the world.

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How To Lose Weight: Your Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Everyone admits to it, no one likes to hear it, and most of the time it isn’t true; we become whales during pregnancy. Our bellies are huge, we can’t fit behind the wheel of our car, we waddle when we walk, and we are uncomfortable. But, this is part of being pregnant and nothing to do with being fat. Pregnant bodies change in miraculous ways and there is no need to beat ourselves up for putting on normal weight.

All doctors know that weight gain during pregnancy is both normal and essential for a healthy baby. Preventing yourself from gaining weight is dangerous and can cause severe health problems for you and your baby. Talking to your doctor will always be your best bet. They will let you know how much of the weight is baby, fluids, or double cheese burgers.

Not all of us pay attention to where the weight is coming from; just that it is everywhere we look and there is no stopping it. There are many ways to keep pregnancy weight gain from getting out of control though. Eating healthy meals, several times a day will keep your energy and sugar levels balanced as well as keep your body from storing any excess in the trunk. Of course, your doctor will talk to you about what and how you should eat if you are concerned, but for the best bet, don’t starve yourself and eat natural and healthy foods.

keywordOver exercising, starving yourself, taking diet supplements, or skipping meals are unhealthy and dangerous. Don’t take the chance of something happening to your or your baby to stave off a few pounds. The best thing you can do for everyone involved is to simply eat good foods in medium portions throughout the day. You will feel better with more energy, less nausea, less weight gain, and a healthier labor and delivery as well.

Your recovery and continuing weight control after pregnancy will become easier if you watch what you are doing during those 9 months. Do put your effort into proper nutrition and a healthy diet. Don’t try to control or fuss over your weight during pregnancy. It is tough enough to keep up with feeding a new baby, don’t beat yourself up about a few extra pounds of pregnancy weight. You will accomplish what you are trying to if you keep it simple and enjoy each moment with your little one.

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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. While our baby grows, our body is changing to accommodate more room for him or her. Without the weight gain, you and your baby could end up with major health problems. But, just because gaining weight is necessary doesn’t mean we can’t get rid of that baby weight after pregnancy. How to lose the pregnancy weight healthily and quickly is the key.

Many of us have struggled with weight loss over our lives. We work hard to keep up with our diet and exercise programs, but often lose momentum when our energy is zapped by the pregnancy. Combining every day life events and tasks is hard enough while working to stay healthy. Being pregnant can be that much more difficult. But it is possible to lose that baby weight with a few simple tips.

When starting any new exercise and diet plan, consulting with your doctor is essential to keep your health up to par. Getting back into the swing of things slowly is the key. Remember, your body is recovering from major changes. Your ligaments are still soft and muscles overstretched; both of which could cause extreme injury if your body is not ready. However, just because you need to start slowly and take it easy at first, doesn’t mean that you can’t get going on the weight loss.

keywordMake sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Not only is this going to keep you healthy (and your baby, too, if you are breast feeding), but you will be able to lose the pregnancy weight more easily. Remember, even if you are breast feeding, you don’t need to eat for two any longer. Keep up with the good foods, just not the portion sizes.

Foods like sugars, caffeine, processed foods, and sodium are not only bad for you, they are bad for your baby too. If you aren’t breast feeding and don’t need to worry about what you eat being what your baby is eating, still consider what it is you are putting into your body. If you wouldn’t feed it to your baby, you shouldn’t be eating it either. The more fresh and natural your foods are, the better your body will react and the faster weight loss will start.

Eating habits alone are not the only way to help shed the pregnancy pounds. If you have not started, try out your new stroller. If you can only make it around the block once, don’t worry. The purpose is to get moving and get your body back to moving normally. With each walk you take, you’re going to become stronger and you will start to lose the pregnancy weight. You will also get an opportunity to get fresh air and a change of scenery, which is important for your metal state as well as your physical.

Each new day with baby is a learning experience. Don’t make losing weight more difficult than it needs to be. Watch what you eat; fresh and natural foods in small portions. Move each day by walking with baby or finding other ways to get some exercise (doing all of the laundry for those tiny clothes and blankets is another good start). As long as you take one baby step at a time, you will say good bye to pregnancy weight before you know it.

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Prevent Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy!

Each and every woman knows what a stretch mark is. Whether during puberty or pregnancy, stretch marks creep up onto our skin like “dings” in our car’s paint. But, unfortunately, we can’t easily bring ourselves to a body shop to get a touch-up. That’s why preventing stretch marks in the first place is so important because getting rid of them can be difficult and time consuming.

Who wants to be stuck with the time and effort of trying to erase pregnancy stretch marks? Why live with them when you have the ability to know when it is you will be able to prevent them? Each woman gains wait at various times in their life. During pregnancy, the quick weight gain and stretching of skin around the mid-section and legs, causes skin to over compensate and therefore scar. But, if you knew how to prevent from happening, wouldn’t you?

keywordThe simple way to prevent pregnancy stretch marks is to take care of the skin in the areas being affected. Although weight gain during pregnancy is normal and, frankly, a healthy requirement, it is not necessary to see unsightly stretch marks appear. Fast weight gain will cause larger, deeper, and darker stretch marks. Keeping track of overall weight gain with a healthy diet and doctor approved exercise, will aid in stretch marks from appearing. Of course, only part of weight gain can be monitored or prevented by you because the baby will be growing as well.

Properly hydrating and caring for your skin is so important. During pregnancy, your body’s chemicals are out of whack. Your skin becomes more sensitive with everything. You feel itchy all of the time and can’t seem to get relief. A great way to avoid itching and scratching, along with helping prevent stretch marks is to use a hydrating body cream. Look for ingredients such as shea butter, aloe, vitamin E, and cocoa butter. Use after showering and before bed for best results on a daily basis. The more care put into your skin, the better your skin will be.

Being healthy for yourself and your baby is the most important task to take care of. But, of course, we all want beautiful skin. Stretch marks during pregnancy are a given, but can be prevented. Beautiful skin all over your body is possible. Prevent stretch marks by pampering yourself more during pregnancy. Take care of yourself and your skin well while you’re pregnant. It may be the last time in a long while that you get to indulge in time and care just for yourself.

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