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Best Exercise For Pregnant Women

pregnancyIt is important to stay in shape when pregnant. Exercise can help regulate insulin levels, blood pressure and keep weight gain in check.Exercising while pregnant is also said to make labor easier on the mother. In fact, women who exercise are less prone to preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

For pregnant women, exercise needs to be low impact especially as the baby gets bigger. Here are the best low impact exercises for pregnant women.

•    Yoga

Yoga is very popular among pregnant women. In fact there are classes especially designed for pregnant women. Women who are having a hard time finding a pregnant specific yoga class can still participate in a regular class. All they have to do is to modify the poses a bit. Yoga is very relaxing and the breathing techniques used can help women later during labor.

•    Swimming

Swimming is ideal especially during the late months of pregnancy. The water will keep pregnant women buoyant and make movement easier. An alternative to swimming is water aerobics. The water will make movement easier and cushion the joints.

•    Pilates

Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening. It is also low-impact which makes it ideal for pregnant women. Just like yoga, there are pregnant specific pilates classes pregnant women can enroll in.

•    Tai Chi

Tai Chi is very relaxing and its slow deliberate movements ideal for pregnant women. Women in all trimesters can do tai chi easily. Tai Chi is a very relaxing and gentle exercise. It can help pregnant women mediate and relieve stress.