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How Celebrities Lose Pregnancy Weight

pregnancyCelebrities are people too so they should gain and lose weight the same as the rest of us. It can be shocking to see a pregnant celeb one day and then hear that they’ve given birth the next day and then see them on the cover of a magazine the next week looking as if they’ve never gotten pregnant in the first place. This kind of “phenomenon” makes us normal women wonder how they do it in the first place. Here are some celebrity post pregnancy weight loss secrets.

  • Shakira

The Voice judge Shakira said that her secret to fast post pregnancy weight loss is to exercise during pregnancy. According to her Zumba has been very great for her weight loss management plan. She started Zumba before getting pregnant and kept at it while pregnant and kept going after she gave birth.

  • Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher’s secret weapon is a personal trainer. She only had 3 months to shed the weight she gained after carrying Baby Olive. Director Jerry Bruckheimer hired a personal trainer for Isla to help her train three times a week. She said, That was both inspirational and terrifying because I didn’t want to let the trainer down.”

  • Beyonce

There’s no doubt that our girl Beyonce is looking good these days. Here secret to weight loss after pregnancy is to cut back on calories. Blue Ivy’s mom was back to her performing weight months after giving birth. According to her she worked hard, kept going on the treadmill and counted calories to get back in shape.

  • Halle Berry

The recently married Halle Berry says that workout needs to be varied in order to lose weight fast. Trainer Ramona Braganza took a varied approach to help the Oscar winner lose weight. They started out with cardio and stretching and then switched to hiking, jogging, yoga and kick boxing to vary workouts and to keep from getting bored.